Gisle Frøysland 1999 - 2002

JoyStuck III - the Walker

-interactive videoinstallation

- gymnastics treadmill (manual)
- video projector
- Windows 98 PC w/SCSI AV-disk & firewire HW
- Atari STE
- low platform (painted wood)
- compact sound system

- a treadmill is placed in the middle of a semidark room facing a videoprojection which covers most of the wall in front. The video shows a still picture from a busy shopping mall/street.

- once the viewer/participant starts to walk on the treadmill the video starts to move forward in slow motion. The viewer is placed in the position of a subjective camera, and walks down the crowded street. As he walks faster, the speed of the video will also increase, but not in a 1:1 relationship. The speed increase on the video is slower than on the treadmill, and the viewer will soon be exhausted trying to advance down the street. If he slows down or stops, the video will go backwards, and return to the beginning of the scene.

- when stopped for more than 10 seconds, the video will change to the beginning of another scene to encourage the viewer to have another go.

JoyStuck is based on video-material recorded from shopping malls and shopping streets in the various places where the installation is shown. A total of 8-12 different recordings of approx. 3-4 min. each will be used.
The video scenes is digitized and played directly from disk via MCI and simple programming in GFA-basic. An Atari STE is used to get an accurate readout of the speed from the treadmill which is then delivered to the player program. The video is projected as fullscreen (640x480) video directly from the PC's RGB monitor signal.

JoyStuck was first shown in Galleri UKS, Oslo - january 1999.

Sponsored by the Norwegian Cultural Fund.


2004 BIFF, Galleriet, Bergen
2002 Den Gyldne, Charlottenborg, KÝbenhavn
2001 TREFF - Bergen Artmuseum
2000 Nordic House, Reykjavik, Island
1999 Galleri UKS, Oslo


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